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Lebanese Opportunities represent a paradigm shift in thinking. We don't just help our clients' recruiting when there is an open position; We are proactive with all the recruiting activities. The hunt for top talents is our continuous goal and a never-ending process for us.


To attract top recruiters and best candidates. Our recruiting process is geared toward building relationships.


Information is the currency of our recruiting relationship. Use Lebanese Opportunities to take advantage of the wide variety of ways to deliver the message.


The philosophy of recruiting needs to change for the new economy. It is no longer effective to be reactive. Lebanese Opportunities' philosophy is to attract the best talents and begin a relationship.

Our Services Pricing

Because Lebanese Opportunities promotes an effective recruiting style, the following are the ingredients of our core services. We offer recruiters and employers access to our extensive database of talented people in Lebanon and the Arab countries. We also offer Job Posting in our social channels and resume access based on our clients' needs and requirements.

Featured Jobs Price:$250

Feature your post on all our social channels. Reach 20,000 members and list it under "Featured Jobs." Contact Us

Monthly Sponsorship Price:$600

Your company artwork will be advertised on our social pages. Your Logo will be added to our website and blog. Contact Us

Social Media Circulation Price:$350

Run your announcement to a specific audience. We can also promote your company products and services.


Our Featured. Jobs!

Featured jobs are given the added benefit of a greater search presence to attract the attention of your target audience and thereby increasing the quantity of job seekers who will see your job posting. They are prominently displayed on all matching search result pages, regardless of which page number the job seeker is currently viewing.

  • ALL jobs
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Banking
  • Executive


We take pride in treating each client and candidate with respect and attention. We collaborate with our clients to refine their search criteria and help them build and diversify their teams. Our recruitment strategy is always formulated to ensure mutual success for our clients and for our candidates.

Joe Aoun

MD ProBlind

Linda G.

Successful Talent

Carol W.

Brand Manager Of Star Industries

George D.

Successful Talent


We have been working with Lebanese Opportunities for more than 5 years and their service has always been excellent. Their pricing approach is totally innovative and flexible and their understanding of the business needs and culture of the organization enables them to provide us with high caliber applicants. They have always been professional honest and reliable and I would not hesitate in recommending Lebanese Opportunities to anyone.

The Sponsor

Partner Sponsors receive maximum recognition and profile throughout the sponsorship period. It’s a great way to show leadership, build relationships, and awareness to demonstrate that your organization is attuned to the top issues. Your logo and artwork will be displayed with an external link to your key personnel or company profile.

Sponsor Name

Product or Service

Create an eye-catching banner ads are still powerful tools for building brand recognition and drive specific target audience.

Sponsor Name

Product or Service

Create an eye-catching banner ads are still powerful tools for building brand recognition and drive specific target audience.

Levallois Beauty

Skincare & Beauty Products

Levallois Beauty products represent the furthest advancements in scientific skincare and cosmetics.

By Savio Fashion

Iconic Designer Shoes

A dedicated team of fashion fanatics, committed to the goal of connecting our customers with their own unique fashion sense.

AdVices & FaCts

Searching for a new career can be tough and exhausting. Be Aware that unprofessional emails, your resume style can have a major negative impact. Also learn about the company, the people they are going to interview you and obviously dress and sit and act professionally. Some facts of why you will get rejected or did not even reach an interview:

Unprofessional Emails Rejection
Diregarded Because Of Your Photo
Unable To Make Eye Contact
Recruiters Check Your Online Profile
How You Dress
Firm Knowledge


We manage a solid database of talented professional candidates and fresh graduates. We keep growing because we care about building relationships and leveraging on our skills to help and serve.


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News & Updates

In the world of business it is no secret that the spirit of competition is a vital principle. When it comes to recruitment, you will want to attract the best and the brightest people to serve as the foundations and grassroots of your company.

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Graduates mismatched with job market

Companies in Lebanon should cooperate more with universities and schools on advising students about the job market and the majors that are mostly in demand.It is imperative that graduates find jobs in their field, it is a collaborative efforts between private and public sectors.

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4 Best Practices for Effective Talent Management

Do you know what your most valuable business asset is? If you think it’s your office building, million dollar secret recipes, or the inventory you have on hand, then think again. The real fuel behind a company’s growth and success comes from its people. Labor costs are often a company’s largest expense, but human capital.

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Please send your resume to jobs@lebaneseopportunities.com. In the subject line write your name and your profession. Also include the category you are interested in i.e (Marketing, Finance, etc).